Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Academy

In today’s competitive world, every guardian dreams, every society deserves and every nation demands that a student may raise himself as an enlightened human being beside achieving knowledge. But to materialize the purpose, there needs an ameliorated institution with pleasant environment and proper educational atmosphere which must be conducted with modern thoughts and sensations.
Alongside achieving knowledge, to fabric human being with morality and to build an enlightened human race by developing students’ intellectual in an up-to-date balanced educational environment, The Honorable Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan, a renowned social worker, educationist and freedom fighter, took an aesthetic plan to establish an exceptional institution that includes a colossal academic building along with beautiful teachers’ dormitories and modernized boys and girls hostel for residential facilities outstretched about twelve acres of greenery land. Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Academy is the result of his overlong aesthetic plan which has been established at a remote village named Udaypur under Ramganj upazilla of Lakshmipur district.
The potential students might find out an effective way to build up their future which will act as a shadow of their lives and consequently they may get a trace of proper ways to reach their goals, if they can ensure their secondary and higher secondary education with proper cares, dictations, plans and inspirations enriched with the latest technology. To acquaint with these sources, there needs such an institution which will work not only as a mere ‘Institution’ but also build a student’s career with the initiation of wisdom, humanity and patriotism as a ‘Centre of Excellence’. This academy, apart from trying to turn into such kind of ‘Centre of Excellence’, it also tries to achieve the reliance of the educated and conscious people for its individual features. Besides, being cared students’ intellectual by a team of qualified and experienced teachers, we are going to ensure such a proper and planned teaching system modernized with the latest technology.
Because of keeping the campus free from smoking and all kinds of political activities from the very beginning, a favorable environment for teaching and learning has been created here. There are different kinds of clubs in this academy along with running educational activities for the purpose of inspiring the students about the importance of extracurricular activities such as games and sports. With a view to awakening the traditional-consciousness and humanitarian values inside students’ heart, many other social and cultural activities are conducted under the supervision of a team of efficient teachers.
Our all kinds of activities will be rotated to implement these great purposes and make them successful, for instance to tackle the challenges of twenty-first century by the touch of modern progresses, to create a large number of work oriented people and educated populace and to materialize the scheme of green globalization.
Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Academy hopes for the frank support and devoted assistance from the students, the teachers and the guardians and all the education loving people and institutions to make its purposes more fruitful. Moreover, it welcomes everyone to visit its greenery campus at a glance.