Chairman Message

Welcome to Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Academy. In this era of globalization, we believe, Education is much more than just academic studies! Therefore, we are committed to the country and so we have been maintaining the academic programs with co-curricular activities with the fullest potentials we have inside to build a competitive successor for today and the days to come. This will, we believe, help our learners to cope with the fastest developing world. In this regard, Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Academy starts its journey in 2017 on the promise of a modern and world class education system.

Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Academy’ is a non- smoking special educational institution conducted by Ahmed Abdur Rahman Trust. The main goal of this academy is to coordinate with the globalization and the challenges of the 21st century through textbooks in co-ordination with theoretical education, and to develop the students as humanistic-rational human beings. Mere bookish knowledge cannot provide Total Quality Education we believe. As education has now penetrated the narrow boundaries of the country and the nation and has reached the global ecosystem, there is no alternative to modern and updated education to build up a self reliant and developed nation.

It is our endeavor to educate the learners to develop morality, responsibility and patriotism as a genuine fond of knowledge, committed and unbiased people. After all, Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Academy is such an ideal institution where the main objective of the teachers and the learners is to acquire knowledge and to achieve success in personal life through the real application of acquired knowledge and to make a significant contribution to overall progress in national life. Do please explore our website to get updates with the current events and activities that are planned at the academy and to find out what makes Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Academy such an excellent institution. We appreciate your feedback on any areas that we can improve.


Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan


Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Academy