Principal Message

Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Academy located at green, grassier and luscious village named Udaypur under Ramganj Upzilla of Lakshmipur District is remarkably contributing in spreading the light of education.

Freedom fighter, social worker and prominent educationist Mr. Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan has established this Academy through his wistful endeavors and entirely by his sole finance. The motto of Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Academy is to build an educated and enlightened skilled nation to face the challenges of the twenty-first century through creative and practical education. We want to guide the students to ultimate progress and prosperity by rejuvenating a deep sense of responsibility. If we want to reach our desired destination, students should be persistent; teachers must be dutiful while performing their duties and guardians must be conscious.

Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Academy is striving relentlessly to prepare the students as competent citizens of our country by encouraging them to take part in creative activities apart from academy ones. Thus the entire efforts and activities of Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Academy are parallel to the charioteers of the dream chariot of the students on the way to their ulterior life. Heartiest cooperation from the students, teachers, guardians and well wishers will be the inspiration in our upcoming days. Best wishes to all.


Khandokar Abdul Mannan


Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan Academy